With our unique knowledge, assistance and organization, you will complete a comprehensive schedule of
Rejuvenation Vacation activities and treatments at professional offices and at home and you will start
feeling thinner, healthier and younger each day.

You will begin glowing with youth quickly.
Once fully Rejuvenated, you will look, feel and perform 10-20 years younger.

You will be greeted at the airport and you will continue to receive excellent personal attention and service.
You will be accompanied from the airport and you will promptly start Rejuvenation welcoming activities
including complete baseline measurements and photos so you can evaluate your progress objectively.

During Rejuvenation, you may experience some bouts of sickness as your body cleanses itself of toxins
which have accumulated in your body during your lifetime.

Enjoy your Rejuvenation Vacation and live glowing with youth.


You can start Rejuvenation with the 20 day introductory special at $900 daily + expenses.

At the end of your first 20 days of Rejuvenation, you will be completely satisfied.

When you become a Rejuvenation Vacation guest, plan on spending the first week
undergoing intensive Rejuvenation. It will be a brand new experience for you.

At the end of your first 20 days of Rejuvenation, you will be completely satisfied.
Our program is serious and effective. The results we detail, we produce.
Sports teams can assure peak individual and team performance game after game.
For individuals and families, with Rejuvenation you will live longer and healthier.
If you value and can afford learning and living the secrets of good health and long life,
Rejuvenation is here for you.
We live Rejuvenation every day. You are welcome to join in.

Each person's body and mind recuperate at different rates but with patience and perseverance you will
Rejuvenate as we promise you. In 2 months or so, you will be experiencing all the benefits we promise you.

The costs of dental, medical and other third party professional treatments as part of the Rejuvenation Vacation
are the guest's responsibility and vary with each guest. If you have a question about this, contact us.

Daily preparation of fresh juices, Rejuvenation Smoothies and Rejuvenation Shakes are included.
The costs of food, beverage, health supplements and ingredients are the guest's responsibility.

The Rejuvenation daily rate is a consultancy fee. Expenses are additional and will vary with location.

Complete and total confidentiality is guaranteed.

We offer you a "
Guarantee of Success" for Rejuvenation.
Every word and representation on this website about this unique Rejuvenation Vacation is true.


We are honored to pay a 10% commission to the person who introduced you
to the Rejuvenation Vacation. If someone introduced you to us, please let us know.
Travel agents, salesmen, journalists, broadcasters and other contacts, please be aware your commission
is 10% and 20 days as a Rejuvenation Vacation guest in a one bedroom apartment.
When a friend of the Rejuvenation Vacation guest joins you will receive a 4% commission.


Make your reservation with confidence. The "PayPal verified" logo below and our several year history of
excellent Guest Reviews are your assurance we provide you a superior vacation.

Please send your reservation request and then use a "Pay Now"                          button to confirm
your reservation.

Once you send your reservation request, you will
immediately learn if your request and dates are available.
You can then pay your reservation deposit and your reservation will be confirmed.

Your reservation with your reservation deposit will be promptly confirmed and guaranteed.

At move-in pay your bill in Colombian pesos or before with PayPal
plus an additional US$100 refundable security deposit (for a total refundable deposit of US$198 minimum).
Remember, you are renting a furnished Penthouse which would have a nominal value of $2,000,000 in New York,
Los Angeles, London, Paris, Tokyo or anywhere else in the world. Please bring photocopies of your passports.

Once you move in and pay your bill, your PayPal reservation deposit becomes a refundable deposit.

When you check-out, your PayPal and security deposits will be refunded minus any charges you have incurred.

Please pay your rent in U.S. dollars via PayPal. If you check-in with your rent unpaid, your dollar invoice
will be converted at the international rate (min. 2000 COP/$) and we will receive Colombian peso currency.
We do not receive dollar currency. We receive dollars only through PayPal. If you ask, we will tell you why.

Your nightly rental rate is based on the number of traveling guests using or staying in the apartment.
It is to your advantage to be honest with us about how many traveling guests are using or staying in
the apartment. If you allow unregistered travelers to use or stay in the apartment without informing
us and paying the extra rent in advance, you forfeit your entire deposit.

In fairness to our guests and ourselves, we do not accept a reservation without a reservation deposit.
If you want to make a confirmed reservation, follow our safe and secure reservation system
and pay a nominal reservation deposit that becomes part of your security deposit at check-in.

For truly bilingual cellphone assistance during your trips to Colombia (to facilitate, expedite or intervene with
whatever it is you are doing), program our cell number into your mobile device and put a copy of our business
card in your wallet for easy reference. We will be able to resolve most simple communication problems
over the cellphone in 3 minutes or less. Your first 3 minute assistance call is free so you have an opportunity to
learn the value of this service. Thereafter, the service is available to supporters of the downtown kitchen and
Penthouse Vacation guests, while our guests, up to the limits below. Any toll charges we incur on your behalf are
additional. We are bilingual in Spanish and English.


During your vacation, We will account for (and ask you to sign for) charges you may incur which you can pay
at move-out or have deducted from your PayPal deposit.

Once the apartment is vacated and we have cleaned it and made sure you left everything in good order, your
deposit will be refunded via PayPal.

If the Penthouse is vacated with damage or loss, repairs will be made and/or replacements purchased and will be
charged against your PayPal deposit. The PayPal deposit balance will be refunded when repairs have been
completed and all damages and costs documented and paid, usually no more than 2 days after move-out.


If you cancel your vacation reservation with at least 4 weeks email notice in advance of your reserved arrival
date, your PayPal deposit will be promptly refunded.

If you cancel your vacation reservation with less than 4 weeks email notice in advance of your reserved arrival
date your PayPal deposit is not refunded and is used to partially compensate us for our loss.


The Penthouse is an excellent vacation spot in the best neighborhood of Medellin.
Please respect yourself and your neighbors during your stay and enjoy yourself to the fullest without making
excessive noise disturbing your neighbors. This is easily done by simply keeping the front door of the Penthouse
closed and your guests and your conversations inside the closed front door.
While the Penthouse is private, your privacy is maintained by your behavior and a closed front door.

At check-in please present us photocopies of your passports (main page only) with your payment.

At check-in, you will receive a concise and accurate inventory of the Penthouse’s contents.
Please tell us of any apparent discrepancies during your first day.
Any damages are the responsibility of the registered guests.

Please use the safes for your valuables. Emergency keys for the safes are kept locked off-site by the owner and
are not available to your service personnel without your explicit knowledge and a phone call to you from the
owner. Please leave the safes open when moving out. There is a US$20 safe lock-out fee.

Paintings, decorations, books, wall maps, magazines, towels, linens and other objects are in the Penthouse for
your enjoyment, thank you.

We will make sure anything you want to do gets done. The maid will stop by the Penthouse to feed the
hummingbirds and to make sure everything is okay and to assist you if you like.

The hummingbirds need fresh sugar water every morning in the hummingbird feeder. The hummingbirds are
endangered and depend on this sugar water to survive and the hummingbirds are one part of our "Wildlife
Conservation Program." We use one teaspoon of white sugar and half fill the bottle with filtered water. We
will show you how to do it if you like. If you look closely you will recognize there are two distinct species.

Maid service is available as needed for $25 per day. Maids can food shop, cook, clean, iron,  etc.

Please discuss your other needs and schedule with us. Penthouse Vacation guests are alloted 2 hours per
week of bilingual cellphone assistance during normal office hours plus 2 hours per week of complimentary tour
guide service. Additional service hours are billed at the rate of US$10/hour plus taxi during normal office hours and
US$15 per hour plus taxi at other times and can be deducted from your PayPal deposit.
We account for these hours and will ask you to sign for them.

When touring with your guide for a day and/or evening, guests pay transportation and all incidental costs. This
service is best used your first day so the rest of your stay is real fun. Guides work flexible hours as most attend
university in the morning so please make your guide arrangements with us before arrival. Excess guide
service hours are billed at the rate of US$10/hour and can be deducted from your PayPal deposit.
We account for these hours and will ask you to sign for them.

The kitchen comes with stainless steel pots and pans, other cookware, cooking utensils and basics such as salt,
pepper, plates, glasses, knives, forks, spoons, etc. Food and beverage costs are the responsibility of the guest(s).

Please discuss your needs, wishes and budget with us upon arrival or earlier if you prefer.

Airport greeting with ground transfer costs US$50, per vehicle one-way, and requires the use of our car and

Excess baggage and/or commercial merchandise may incur a small extra charge but will still be handled for you by
us at the airport. Please let us know of excess baggage in advance.

We offer unique private guided activities and excursions tailored to your interests at additional cost.
Discuss your interests and your budget with us and we will make all arrangements for you.

Monthly rental rates do not include utilities which are telephone, electricity, water, gas and broadband. We will
show you your utility bill. A 26% surcharge applies December, January, July and August. Monthly rates vary due
to season, number of residents, services needed and a 40% surcharge applies per additional traveling resident.
Airport greeting is not included in monthly rentals. Airport transportation is not included in monthly rentals.
Monthly rates assume a 30 day month. Please reserve double or family occupancy for peak periods and events.

The $98 reservation deposit is sufficient to reserve a stay of 5 nights; please double it if staying longer.
For a stay of less than a prepaid week, there is a $20 cleaning fee.

If you need any additional assistance or services please let us know.

Your secretary and your maid are service personnel and are permitted to receive tips.

You, our satisfied guests, are our best advertisement but still thank you for writing reviews about us in your
favorite travel, health, photography, bird watching, philanthropy, wildlife conservation and other forums, in chat
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Terms and Conditions
We are completely honest with everyone about everything always and we expect the same courtesy from our guests.
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